Each page can contain special features such as image galleries, videos, audio, concealed windows and whatever else can enrich the way you communicate with people who visit your site.

Modules with even more specific and targeted functions can also be inserted, such as a registration form to your newsletter, just a collection of data or a survey among customers and users who visit the site.

Our websites are designed in a way that you can add new content as well as various additional functions at any time.

If your needs are not satisfied by the following solutions, ask us! We'll evaluate together whether it will be possible to achieve it.


Multilingual website

Our sites can be developed on multilingual platform. If you do not have the chance to provide content in different languages, we will obtain it thanks to a special software able to manage translations in a smart way. For every language of the website you can choose which content to show and which to hide.



The ideal place to create interaction between your visitors. Our platform has hundreds options that can be configured according to your needs.
In addition to being fully integrated within your site, our forum has a high level of interaction with social channels (social networks) and an instant notifications system, in which each user is notified in real time when discussions he's following are updated.



Managing a newsletter should be a very complex job, which often requires the support of external services increasing costs.
No fear: the service will be installed directly on your site. Our newsletter component is very easy to use, comes with several automated systems and is flexible: once we'll understand your requirements we'll advise on its configuration.



Means using your website for e-commerce on the Internet. E-commerce sites are typically equipped with the following features:

  • Product catalog: organized in categories, lists and information regarding those items for sale
  • Cart: is the virtual shopping cart, in which you must add the products you want to buy
  • Shipments calculation: calculates the total shipping fee according to the goods of your courier
  • Payment system: allows multiple choices (bank transfer, PayPal, credit cards)

Opening an online shop requires the same effort than opening a physical store, but with less expense: it is wrong to think that Internet is a low-cost resource that can deliver consistently brilliant results with an investment close to zero. It constitutes a real entrepreneurial activity able to reach a much greater number of potential buyers, but have an invisible e-commerce is like opening a store in an isolated road of a mountain village..