Do you already have a site from which, however, you feel no longer represented, which now no longer provides adequate image of your business and what you offer?

Do you think it is technologically obsolete, little visited, hard to navigate and slow to load.. or simply feel the need to update it from a graphic point of view, structural or content?

Contact us, we will offer you the best solution to give a new look to your website.


The website restyling brings a lot of improvements and advantages:

  • Renews your image: it must be optimal and representative of your business and what you offer, with eye-catching graphics, organized content, updated and accurate.
  • Increases your visibility: a modern website allows you to attract attention and gain an increasing number of visitors, with more opportunities to increase your business.
  • Increases versatility: SOGELWEB guarantees compliance with the navigability and usability requirements required and dictated by international standards so that your site is navigable, fast and optimized to be viewed on all browsers and all resolutions and devices.

These instead are the actions we can perform:

  • Graphic restyling: to give your website a new, attractive, pleasant, professional look in line with your corporate identity (for example using colors and styles already used for your logo or corporate graphics).
  • Structural restyling: to improve the usability of the site in terms of navigation and versatility. Reviewing the structure of the website allows you to improve the functions with new features and improvements, such as the adaptability to international standards and mobile devices.
  • Contents restyling: namely the revision of site contents and their organization into sections and pages, using appropriate communication rules to obtain a great impact on the visitor. Same keywords relevant to each page are introduced or corrected, to ensure that the website contents are properly indexed on the major search engines.