There are four solutions that SOGELWEB studied to satisfy everyone's needs, from simple showcase to the most articulate and complex site.

These are standard drawn up proposals based on our nearly twenty years of experience in building web sites, which we will gladly customize providing you an accurate quote without any commitment.



E' la soluzione ideale per chi ha la necessità di una presenza minima sul web, il classico "biglietto da visita online" che mostra il vostro logo, i vostri prodotti e/o servizi e la modalità di contatto in una singola pagina.

It's the ideal solution for those who need a minimal presence on the web, the classic "online business card" which shows your logo, your products and/or services list and contact details on a single page.

It should be considered as a kind of advertising insertion offering an important customized way to contact (e-mail boxes tied to the domain), but it need to be certainly integrated with a social networks presence.

The page is static and for any graphics editing and content you will have to contact our staff.


It's an illustrative website of your business, so classic that serves as online brochure website with "about us", "Products", "Services", "contacts", etc. sections up to a maximum of 10 pages.

It's a platform with its own control panel on which the graphic theme of the site is created and edited. The site is manageable and editable only by our staff.

The main strength of the STANDARD site solution is clearly its cheap cost.


An administrable website gives you the freedom to edit texts and images on your site without using a programmer and without incurring support costs. Basically it allows you to manage your website in complete autonomy.

Traditionally, you should need to contact and pay your developer to change something in your site. Today, most of the sites we build are created using a CMS (Content Management System) that allows you and your staff to make changes to the live site.

Logging in a protected manner to the control panel you can view, add, modify and delete informations from your site. The sites we build are based on a platform that makes it extremely easy.


If you are a professional who provides services (photographer, journalist, cook, etc.) a blog can be a source of new visitors and could help you growing your online presence..

The blog we provide is very rich in features to keep pace with the most advanced versions of Wordpress. It has a high level of interaction with social channels (social networks) and should have an unlimited number of authors, each with their own profile, who can then publish and independently manage their own articles.

Once the look is optimized with our staff, the blog is the solution closest to an administrable website, since you can edit your contents at any time.