Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube.. In recent years there is much talk about Social Networks and the revolution which followed after their advent. For ten years they dominate the web scene and have introduced a new concept of communication.

Social Networks have enabled consumers to become the real stars of the companies production process through a real-time dissemination of increasingly detailed accurate information about prices and products which are reviewed, praised, criticized and judged by a virtual community always very attentive to their needs.

Social Networks have a direct impact not only in the dissemination process of a brand, but also in terms of positioning of the same websites. The social search is influenced by platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and companies are directly involved.

The social media phenomenon has spread quickly and there are always more companies opening a Facebook or a Twitter profile page to spread their own brand, to collect feedback from the new consumers and retain existing customers.

Interaction becomes immediate and everything happens quickly, so it is necessary to entrust the Social Media Marketing strategy to experienced and qualified staff able to create added value to your company.

SOGELWEB can take care of both the look and feel of your presence on social networks, sharing content and profile monitoring: contact us to discover the various solutions proposed by our staff.