Nowadays a website is a marketing tool, it's important to immediately establish what are the objectives to be achieved through this important tool. We will use your experience in your industry as a fundamental element and a starting point to find the right line to follow to create your web site, not a generic one. Just as in everyday life, even on the web conveying the right message is essential to achieve results.

Our company is a growing reality thanks to the constant training and research of new technologies that allow to merge the best aesthetics and functionality. What we will build will be a modern product, and this has a positive effect on your corporate image and also on the positioning in search engines: a modern image reassures the user more, inviting him to contact the company.

At the moment the simple "online business card" is disappearing in favor of a much more tangible web presence with very clear objectives: acquiring new customers, increasing sales, strengthen its brand or product. The website is transformed into an instrument of profit. It seems simple to get noticed, but a nice graphic isn't enough to beat the competition and retain customers. That is why we will try to learn more about your business to find out what are your goals and customers you want to be involved.

Once we focused these aspects we will be able to advise on the implementation of your website.


Key features

Here are some important things you need to remember to avoid mistakes when making a website:

  • Modern look: minimize the heavy animations to load, layout clean and modern look, highly visible pages and easy to reach, good pages loading speed, excellent accessibility to entice the user to visit the whole site (longer he remains on your site, higher is the probability that he will contact you).
  • Responsive Web Design (RWD): indicates a web design technique for websites capable of graphically adapt automatically to the viewing device (computers with various resolutions, tablets, smartphones, mobile phones, web TV), minimizing the need for the user to scale and scroll the contents. The responsive web design is an important element of accessibility, as in these days mobile devices are increasingly being used to surf the web thanks to the web traffic implemented by different providers in their contracts.
  • Access to social networks required to exploit the multi-channel and visibility.
  • Well readable texts and nontrivial images as realistic as possible, better if they portray your company at work or its products.
  • Contact forms that don't ask too much data but confined to essentials (name, e-mail, message).




Our job is to help you optimize these aspects so that your new website will become a marketing tool to strengthen your brand, bring you new contacts and retain the most of your customers.