Our web sites (from the largest music portal to personal website) are created with great care using the latest technology, combined with stunning graphics and illustrations.

Our sites are built with Joomla, a powerful Open Source platform based on free software, usable by everyone and constantly updated by a worldwide network of developers, which means that you will always be able to independently manage all the contents of your website and you will be able to add various special functions at any time.

Your website will be equipped with a control panel that will allow you to manage all aspects in real time, from the pages content to menu items and even the look and feel: it is completely manageable with full access to the HTML code and to CSS style sheets, allowing really any kind of change even to the less experienced, with WYSIWYG editor ("What You See Is What You Get"), in more practical terms, a window similar to the one in Word or any other text editor.


Dedicated hosting

Our sites are hosted by a national provider on a dedicated hosting, optimized to ensure the best performance.

You will have immediate access to the administration panel, an extremely advanced tool that comes with all SOGELWEB sites that will allow you to independently manage all aspects of your domain and web space.

Here is a list of things you will be able to do through the control panel:

  • Email management (creating boxes, webmail access, spam filtering, auto responders, lists, e-mail forwarding and aliasing)
  • Managing files and folders (file manager, folders with password protection)
  • Managing FTP account (creating anonymous FTP accounts or with user names)
  • Statistiche (accesso alle statistiche dettagliate sulle visite al sito)
  • MySQL (database creation and PHPMyAdmin access)

The list should go on: the more technical capabilities will be explored if it will be really necessary for the development of your project.