To complete the services offered to companies coming to us for their global advertising, we can also develop multimedia and interactive CD/DVD-ROMs.

The use of these media has become crucial over time to offer companies a low-cost and high impact tool to provide any type of documentation: product catalog for agents or for end customers, business presentation for fairs, manuals and technical documentation, etc.

Every company has a printed catalog of its products, but it has several disadvantages:

  • high printing costs
  • the addition of new products involves the reconstruction of the paper catalog or the insertion of additional pages
  • a voluminous catalog causes shipping difficulties
  • products search is not very functional


An electronic catalog seems to be the solution to these problems. Indeed:

  • may contain thousands of articles on a very economical support
  • can be updated via internet offering new products
  • due to reduced footprint it can be easily shipped or attached to a magazine
  • can be consulted in a quick and functional way via a search per item, price, or any other criteria
  • It can enable the compilation of an order and its immediate delivery via internet


Normally, the CD-ROM typically develops institutional communication, and thus aims to inform about the company's history, its management philosophy and product features.

A second category, educational CD-ROMs, fulfills the different business need to periodically update their employees through self-paced courses and to evaluate progress via Internet connections.

The strength of the CD/DVD-ROM support is that it can contain a substantial amount of text, graphics and movies in a very small space: it's a practical electronic business card, original and with great impact.