A logo becomes more valuable over time and becomes a hallmark of a commercial activity. Over the years, however, graphic styles evolve and even the best corporate brands need an update to stay current and pleasant.

If your logo shows the signs of time, it communicates a sense of old, tired, out of fashion.

Doing a makeover of your company logo does not mean distorting it, but keep some graphic elements to ensure continuity between the old and the new logo, allowing people to continue recognizing your business.

The restyling of your logo is entrusted to specialized graphic designers who will create proposals for the brand update starting from your requests.

Our graphic designers are available to accompany you in the upgrade path if you do not know what to change, we can help you and give advice on how and where to improve your brand. It's important to us that you are satisfied with your new logo.

In order to optimize the redesign it will be necessary to send SOGELWEB the current logo files and some additional information, such as the market sector and the target market (regional, national, foreign, niche, etc.).

Our graphic designers will evaluate the communicative power of your logo and will enhance its strengths with the use of styles and fonts that allow to get a better and up to date visual communication.